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 (Christopher Gannon)As a storyteller, I get to be a witness to powerful, important stories and pass them on.  Often they are deeply personal.  It’s a significant privilege to be entrusted with these stories by the people who share them with me. I have an obligation to document them as respectfully and accurately as I can, then discern how to best convey them to the public. Sometimes it’s through photography, sometimes through video, sometimes it’s a combination of both.

Coming from a print photojournalism background, I’m relatively new to the world of video storytelling.  I’ve spent the last few years learning the craft.  It’s a wonderfully mesmerizing and continually evolving tool for me. I’ve benefitted greatly by learning from others that are highly accomplished in the field.  Of course, I’ve also learned from the countless mistakes I’ve made along the way.  Out of those collective experiences, I was fortunate enough to have been nominated in August for a 2014 Upper Midwest Emmy for my documentary video work chronicling the stories of sacrifice within an Iowa National Guard unit during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Three of my talented colleagues were also nominated for their work in the last year.  Fellow Des Moines Register staffers Charlie Litchfield, Rodney White and Kyle Munson were tapped as well, bringing a total of four nominations to the table for our team.

Andrea Melendez, a contributor to one of Litchfield’s two nominations, also made the trip north to the Emmy gala at Target Field in Minneapolis on Sept. 13 with Litchfield and I. So, there we were, swinging for the proverbial fences, on a crisp, clear evening in the Twin Cities.  We gladly joined the gala crowd of over 500 attendees – almost all of them members of television broadcast journalism from Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas and Wisconsin.

 (Christopher Gannon)We simply were hoping to be fortunate enough to bring one of the shiny golden ladies home with us.

Well, by night’s end we were humbled (and elated) to have won three of them.  It became a great capstone to the loads of hard work on these great storytelling projects.  We couldn’t have done it without the support of our bosses and colleagues at the Register.  And most of all, we couldn’t have done it without winning the trust of the people who opened up to us with their stories.  In large part, these Emmys go to them, too.  Such an honor.

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Charlie Litchfield for At North High, the Buzzer Never Sounds

Rodney White and Kyle Munson for Field of Dreams at 25: Magical Movie, Disputed Diamond

Full list of all Emmy recipients

 (Christopher Gannon)Lady Emmy basks in her own glow at my home back in Iowa.

 (Christopher Gannon)Congrats, everyone…




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