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Iowa Heroes: A salute to World War II veterans

Iowa Heroes: A salute to World War II veterans

Charles Edward Richardson, 89, of Mason City, a member of the famed 34th “Red Bull” Infantry Division, survived 517 frontline combat days fighting in North Africa and Italy.  He has carried the sorrowful memory of lost friends throughout his life.   (Christopher Gannon/The Register)   Rex Burnett Crawford, 89, flew 36 missions over Europe as a […]

Iowa Caucus: scenes from the campaign trail

.1%. Eight votes. One tired photographer.  Well, we might want a recount of the tired photographers… Of the 122,225 ballots cast in the Iowa Caucus on Tuesday evening, that razor-thin margin gave former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney a victory over a surging Rick Santorum.  It made for a long night to conclude Iowa’s first-in-the-nation vote […]

2011: My year in pictures

Well, we’re in the final hours of 2011, and it has certainly been another eventful year.  Once again, I’ve had the privilege of making images to accompany stories of faith, tradition, sorrow, exhilaration and the simple joys of everyday life.  They are some of the tales that define us salt-of-the-Earth Iowans. The year has also […]

Autumn’s Canvas

Dignity & Memory

Respect and honor for the memory of those who died or went missing in the Virenam War is in full blossom in West Des Moines.

Southern Iowa’s Amish outpost

It may not appear so to the casual observer, but Davis County, Iowa is booming.

Zombies invade Des Moines

The zombie sub-culture has new chomping grounds taking root in Des Moines’ East Village.  Friday night, hordes of folks dressed as the undead staggered their way to Grand Avenue and East Fourth Street to christen the pre-opening of Chef George Formaro’s Zombie Burger + Drink lab.  A creepy good time was had by all.  See […]